Popular material leaving their mark in the world of filaments

3D printers are creating a lot of buzzes these days because of its versatility and amazing uses it is benefiting different industries and sectors. And along with these, their filaments are gathering loads of attention as well. This is because of a simple reason that various different materials could be conveniently used as 3D printer filament in Melbourne.

Filaments-talk of the town

what is catching more attention these days is that these newly identified 3d printer filament in Melbourne is breaking through the stereotyped materials which till now were being used as standard filaments.  Most popular and increasingly used materials in 3D printer filament in Australia are Metal, wood, glow in dark, colour changing and Magnetic.

Character & uses of new aged materials

these new set of materials of 3d printer filament in and around Australia are bringing in their distinctive unique characteristics which are both magical and fun at same time. Here are some of the characteristics and usages of these materials listed below:

  • Metal: Copper, bronze and brass are some of the metal types that are being used as filament material. They are mixed with standard material, however, are added in higher proportion to bring out its character. Metal must be used when the prints expected to shine brightly. Furthermore, the output can be polished to make even brighter or to simply protect it from external factors. Various tools, tokens, grates etc. can be made using it.
  • Wood: Like metal, wood too is available in different variety, pine, ebony, bamboo, willow is just to name a few. Any model created using wood looks both rich and elegant. Items like awards, shields, bowls, statues and figures can be beautifully made using a wood filament.
  • Glow in dark: This type of filament material is winning hearts all over. And why not, after all, they are bringing in a distinctive glow in dark feature to the product made using it. And surprisingly unlike many glow in dark components, they have more colours than just a standard green. Some of the colours they are available in are pink, red, orange, yellow and blue. Scary Halloween masks, decorations and toys can be easily created using this type of filament material.
  • Colour changing: Child will certainly fall in love with this kind of material which changes colour. The amount of fun and magic it can bring is unimaginable. They usually change from one colour to another, for example, yellow changes to green, purple changes to pink or blue changes to green, the list of colours that can be experimented with are endless. Fun costumes, mobile phone covers, storage boxes or containers and toys are some of the items that can be created using it.
  • Magnetic: Not only kids but adults too love to play with magnet and metal and have fun. These magnet filaments are also known as ferromagnetic. The most shocking fact about it is that it does gets attracted to the magnetic field, however, does not have one. Fridge magnets, toys, jewellery can be products that can be created.



3D printer filaments are made the most interesting way

Not only 3D printer has taken up the world with a stride, but also its filaments that are creating a lot of buzz and hype with the way it transforms its self to mould up as anything. Like ordinary printers used simple looking ink to bring out the impression on a sheet of paper, similar was expected from the supporting material in the case of 3D printing. However to everybody’s shock and surprise, what everyone expected to be coming out from a nozzle creating the 3D impression, they are filaments. It is basically a thread. It is available in various different materials like plastic, metal, nylon etc. 3D printer filament Australia and around the world is made the most creative way.

The impact 3D printer filament Melbourne and rest of the world is witnessing is not only over whelming but also over flowing with the excitement to further explore its process of how it is made.

Following is the process 3D printer filament is made in and around Australia:

  • Stage 1: This stage is the most critical one where raw material comes into the picture. It is basically a neutral white coloured substance, which is in the granule form. They are mixed with the supporting materials in order to give it strength, or delicateness as per specification and colour.  And not only the additional properties like toughness and fragility could be added but also the magnetic strength greater or less can also be added at this stage.
  • Stage 2: Once all the additional characteristics and properties are instilled, they are allowed to dry up. The ideal temperatures they are cooled down at must be 60 to 80 degree Celsius. It must be kept for 2 hours. It has been observed that while rushing through this stage, people tend to manipulate the temperature and time. As a result, lumps forms and the end product failed to get its texture and smoothness it is expected to have.
  • Stage 3: After drying up, it is put into single screw extruder. This equipment is ordinary looking machinery which can be easily found at any 3D printer filament manufacturing setup in Melbourne and other parts of the world. In this stage, the filament is run through water at different stages at a different temperature. It is this varied temperature that gives filament its roundness.
  • Stage 4: This step is the most crucial one. Ever wondered how these filaments get their thickness. It all happens at this level. The intensity the filament is pulled out will decide the thickness. If thickness aimed is 1.75mm then it must be pulled as fast as possible, and if 3mm thickness is needed, it must be pulled out slowly.
  • Ongoing hit and trial: At various 3D printer filament manufacturing factories in Australia and around the world, it has been a concern what and who will decide the intensity it is pulled out at. And that is when a lot of hit and trial begin to happen. There indeed a mechanical equipment and laser operated machinery which may assist the best way. However it too had a shortcoming, it required a manual input of the frequency. And it was only possible through various experiments at various levels with different intensities. Hence it streamlined with adequate human intervention.


Many 3D Printing Ttrends Came and Went, Some Stayed and Made a Mark

Too many trends of 3d printing came, however few managed to create an impact. 2017 has been such a year which had been the most revolutionary in terms of 3d printing. It has been successfully used in various different industries from manufacturing to medical, chemical to aerospace. Looking at its versatility, various trends begin to emerge to maximise its usability. 3d printing Melbourne and around the world has undergone a drastic and the most impressive makeover.  Here are few such trends of 2017 listed below:

  • Get experimental with different materials: It has been rightly said more the merrier. And this stays hugely true in terms of various materials which are being developed on almost daily basis to effectively offer 3d printing service in Melbourne and rest of the world. Manufacturers, vendors and suppliers are leaving no stone unturned in bringing different material into the entire procedure of 3d printing. The material of all kinds and characteristics has been bravely being put to use. Features like high moulding capacity and flexibility, high pressure and temperature resistant and lastly strong and sustainable, material are being chosen on. It was being argued as for why the need of more material is felt, the answer to which is very simple and direct. More variety available in materials more will be the scope and more industries can benefit from it. Many experiments like creating humanly bonny structure and suspension of the certain component without any support have been made possible.
  • Advanced printers: Companies offering 3D printing service in Australia and around the world are heavily investing in 3d printers. This is because these printers are very strong and dynamic device which perform tasks with immense precision and detail. Also, they are quicker, improved and bigger versions of their identical twins available in the market which are slowly and gradually shown doors. As these impactful and advanced printers are here to stay for longer period of time and it will be remarkable in every regard.
  • Economical option: Unlike in earlier days the entire process of moulding and manufacturing using metal was not only time consuming but also troublesome. The entire process used, to begin with, mixing the metal with different material that may compliment it and helps in solidifying in later stages. However, the revolution 3d printing and printers have shown up in and around Melbourne has been very promising. Although 3d printers are at a higher side of price, however looking at its usability and demand in various different industries and sectors of operation the demand will surely witness a rise. Hence rise in demand will lower the prices thus it will turn out to be the most affordable and economical option for printing.
  • Not a rocket science anymore: Along with being a cheaper option of printing, the simplicity and easiness it offers in its functions are highly commendable. This can be a reason why company offering 3d printing service to various industries of Melbourne and rest of the world are moving more towards 3d printing than others forms and methods of printing.
  • Introduction of new applications: Lastly, inventions are always welcoming and if it is done in the field of 3d printing and its service, the impact it is bound to bring in Australia and other parts of the world will be tremendous. With many new application launches, the scope and potential of 3d printing have seen a remarkable rise. Gone are the days, when creating prototypes, the piece of art, statues and moulds could only be cast out of standard material like plastic, however this revolution among application has made it possible with metal and other material which were quite unthinkable earlier.


Understanding the Laser marking system

Today we can find different tools and techniques for marking on metal surfaces as well as joining of metal components. Out of all the techniques, old and new, laser marking techniques are becoming quite popular these days and are widely being used in almost every industry.

What is laser marking?

Laser marking is a technique that is used for engraving or marking identification signs on metals or hard surface. With laser marking you can easily mark on hard metals and carbides because in this technique laser beams are used to mark on surfaces. We all know that laser beams have the capabilities of penetrating into hard surfaces, hence, it becomes quite easier to engrave on metals. But, if you are in the business of metal laser marking, then you should understand that laser beams are not healthy for our body. Therefore, while working with the beams, one should take precautionary measures to avoid health risks. Nowadays, almost every manufacturing and engineering industry is using this technique to mark their brands on products. Continue reading “Understanding the Laser marking system”

Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry

3D printing has brought a revolutionary change in many industries. Healthcare is one of them that have got most of the benefits of this advanced technology. With the limitless possibilities, the technological innovations have proved the importance of 3D printing in the healthcare industry. It has been rapidly expanding for uncountable applications of healthcare. In current times, the latest printing technologies have taken a turn to support different industries with its modern printing applications. Cost-effective printing technology has captured the market and increased its use in a more efficient way. By providing the best solutions, the future of this industry in healthcare is wide and boundless.

Spending has increased on 3D Printing

In a survey, it has been found that spending on 3D printing has exponentially grown in last few years and will be continued in the present direction. In the current times, billions of dollars have been spent on the market for dental and medical materials and it will continue to rise in future. For organs printing and medical devices, the healthcare industry has brought advancement in the medical field as well to enhance the possibilities and invent new methods for complex surgeries and to bring more clarity with 3D printing technology. Continue reading “Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry”

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