Points To Check In Before Buying The 3D Printer

A 3D printer has a unique place in modern office work. Depending on the project in question, the 3D printer type is going to differ quite a bit. The market houses so many models lately and making up for the right choice can prove to be a tougher decision to make. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to check on some of the key factors before heading for the right cheap 3d printer Australia among the lot. You have to keep your eyes wide open and head for the research now!

  • SLS, FDM or Stereolithography:

Most of the cheap 3d printer Australia options are available nowadays in FDM category. It is the abbreviated form of fused deposition modelling and here the object is printed in multiple layers. The other two types over here are SLS or the Selective Laser Sintering, and stereolithography. These are no doubt a bit expensive than FDM and used for industrial based projects.

Stereolithography helps in presenting some higher printing quality by using UV light beam for hardening mode. On the other hand, you have SLS which uses powders and lasers for creating printed material. The commercial one among the lot is FDM for sure.

  • Build own or get one already made:

The 3D printer community is a massive group of makers and creators. So, chances are high that some might want to build their own cheap 3d printer. For those people, there are 3D printer kits and building instructions available, and those can be procured from reliable online source.

If considered to buy a 3D printer in Melbourne, building one on your own is no doubt cheaper. But, most of the time, people hardly have any time for that. So, they end up purchasing a pre-assembled one from the available lot. The final decision will definitely depend quite a lot on whether you want to tinker with a technology of 3d printer Melbourne or just trying to get started with the printing right away!

  • Quality of the 3D printing:

You can also get to choose cheap 3d printer Melbourne once you are sure of the quality of the printer just procured or planning to get. Printing quality of printing is mostly measured by presenting two of the key characteristics; printing speed and the detailed final product. The smaller number you can get, the better quality you might end up with. Now, when it comes to the speed, the extruder moves of the printer need to be faster for creating speedy results.

Moreover, you have to not down the printing volume before heading for that 3d printer Melbourne of your choice. It solely depends on the maximum object size that can be covered to be printed. Some printers are mostly available with small build volume, but for covering some of your DIY projects, you can head for the larger sizes. It solely depends on the projects you are handling with 3d printing technology right now.

Do check the price:

You have to be sure of the price too before selecting the best 3D printer for your use. Making way for any product in the market is not a clever idea as your budget plays a pivotal role in it too. So for 3d printing, be sure to pre-set a budget plan accordingly.


Platforms to Get Best 3D Printing Models

Just to help turn your awesome ideas into reality, you need 3D printing. It is rather a misconception that you need to own 3D printer to get into results. There are multiple ways to access printer for your designs or ideas, even when you are just a novice. Thanks to some of the 3D printing designers, the entire task of creating 3D prints won’t be a tough call anymore.

3D Models

Sometimes, it might be rather difficult to put down the design you have in your mind on a paper or CAD software. Moreover, you may not even have the time or resources for creating that model. Thanks to the designers, you can have 3D models on various marketplaces. But first, let’s just learn about the best areas to get hands-on 3d printing service now.

The best markets for 3D models to get printing services covered:

The following listed markets are designed for professional users, where the models are currently designed by some talented individuals. These designs are generated to cover specified field, industry or production process.

  • Grabcad is one of the major platforms, primarily used by engineers, professional designs and manufacturers. It is perfect for buyers willing to search for specified pieces or objects, solely meant for their selected industry. You can further procure the best 3d printing service in Melbourne from this source.
  • Thingiverse is one of the biggest 3D printing and design communities of all time. The interface is rather user-friendly, mainly for the first timers trying to upload or download a 3D model. The designs over here are free of cost and licensed by Creative Commons license. It helps anyone to be a user or alter a design anytime as asked for.
  • If you are looking for that perfect 3D model, CG Trader is one of the major marketplaces of all time. It comprises of multiple professional designers, ready to help you find models designed for 3D printing, right from mechanical components to some engineering parts. This platform helps buyers to choose between multiple file formats. The major benefit is that buyer can always communicate with designers in terms of any query.
  • Instructables are known to be the home of various projects, right from cooking to electronics and even 3D printing. It is rather tough to go through 3D printing issues but not anymore with this source by your side. The 3D components can pop up in some of the unusual places when searching around this platform. It encourages makers to submit some inspirations and own designs.
  • Looking for that well-organized marketplace for 3d printing service in Australia? If so, then 3DShook is the option for you. It can cater to multiple ranging categories. The models are already tested out and it uses subscription system rather than pay by item package. You have to pay for the subscription on a monthly basis and get to download 3D models of your requirements.

In these marketplaces offering 3d printing service in Australia, you will come across mechanical, decorative and science-based 3D prints. It might be a bit difficult for the first timers to head for anyone among the following, especially with so many names in the market. But, keep your eyes wide open and finding the right name won’t be a tough decision to make any more.


How 3D Printing can useful for Product Design

3D printing is a new age technology that has brought about a revolution in many fields where this technology is applied. In business, it is going to bring huge changes all around the world. Do you know how 3D printing can be quite useful for your product design? We are going to emphasize on this topic in a discreet manner.


3d Printing And Its Significance For Product Design –

  • Fresh business models – Why should go with the same or outdated models in business? Being a part of the fast-paced life, it has also become necessary to go with innovative ideas and 3d printing can help in this context. You can exactly transform your imagination in the true shape taking help of 3d printing service Melbourne. These days many entrepreneurs are using 3d printing in order to test dimensions, space, usability, agonize and proportion before unearthing the product at the forefront to make sure that everything is going in the right way. Apart from it, different types of shade and material can also be used on trial base to make sure that if expected results can be achieved or not.
  • Intricate Designing – 3D printing can incredible make possible to go with immediately to-be-manufactured intricate designing
  • Using Lightweight material – Gone are the days when aircraft parts used to be so heavy. We can have lightweight parts of aircraft going with 3d printing Melbourne Moreover, these expertly designed lightweight aircraft would also be able to meet or exceed weight to the required strength.
  • To Get Feedback – The most important thing is that it makes you able to receive the instant product related feedbacks in the early design stages. It means product development will get far more efficient. And designers will truly get a lot of time to get indulged in what they actually love the design.
  • Streamlined product design – Saying would not wrong that 3d printing Melbourne  is going to change the way of production and product design completely all across the world. The product designing timing is shorter and leading towards more refined innovations.
  • Real models, really fast – Gone are the days when it used to take a lot of time to transform imagination into the real models. With 3d printing service Melbourne, it really becomes possible to achieve a real-life mode within a stipulated time. It means you can go for conducting a test in order to receive feedback from customers. The speed of product design and production both will get also increased in a great way.
  • Proof before production – This new age technology also makes possible to go through the form, function and all about manufacturing quite early in the process. And it also leads towards saving your costly mistakes.


And these all above-mentioned points clear that 3d printing service Australia is not only going to help just only for businesses but for customers as well.  Your customers would have the best product for you and this will lead to a long business relationship.

Top 3D printing software’s for cheap 3D printers

The technology of 3D printing allows you to create 3 dimensional objects by the use of computers and a 3D printer. Some of the low cost 3D software’s for cheap 3D printers are as listed below:

Ultimaker Cura 3D


It is the most beginners software that can be used this allows the user to bring out their 3D models into layers. It has a G- code system. It is a cheap 3D printing service in Australia. This is a fully open source and user friendly software and can be used by anyone and with any printer. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Thinker CAD


This is one amongst the cheapest printing service in Australia. This is an online software for 3D designing. All you have to do is create a user ID with the website and we can use their services as and when required.  It also offers per defined shapes, geometric structures along with various colours and size charts. All we have to do is drag it into the work area and create our desired 3D object within minutes.

3D Slash


It is different from most 3D software’s it helps in making the logo and also helps in making 3D texts. It is an easy to use and suitable for all the ages. It helps the user to make 3D texts with simple building block concept which is easy to understand. As it is user friendly it is the best-suited software for 3D printing.

3D Tin

3dTin Logo

This is one amongst the cheapest printing service in Australia. This is also online software. All the user needs to do is have a login ID and password to use the services. All we need is a web browser enabled with Web GL. It is perfect 3D software for 3D printing for beginners. There are various templates from which a user can choose. We can add this to our basic sketch. Also, this software does not require a storage space on the laptop or computer it has an online cloud system which stores all the data.

Sketch UP


It is software to design complex and more detailed 3D print models for beginners.  It has a relatively user friendly interface. It has a huge library of 3D temples. The users can choose from many and add it to their basic sketch. It also provides free tutorials for the people who have just begun to use 3D software’s.  This software provides the easiest way to print the objects.



It is 3D printer slice software which is made by the CraftUnique to support their CraftBot 3D printer. And can be used for many other 3D printers too that accept the G code interface. It is a fast and easy to use the software. It is the software which allows the user to see the printing layer by layer. It gives a preview of the print so that the user can modify and delete the undesired material.

This software’s work excellent with cheap 3D printers and help the user to perform the tasks effectively. These are also cost-effective cheap 3D printing service in Australia and helps to get the work done at a cheap rate.

Influence of 3D Printing on Education Industry

Australia is known globally for its high standard of education. The State Government takes the responsibility of providing compulsory education for children from the age of five to fifteen. Despite having their own education system, they follow a common model of education and promote education in the society through extra funding received from the federal government.

3D Printing Impacts Education Globally

Education industry entered into 3D printing much earlier than any other industry. Now with the 3D printer in Melbourne getting more affordable, it is much easier to penetrate into the public and increase the reach at much affordable rates.

One of the biggest achievements of 3D printing is the enhancement of students’ creativity. Instead of cramming theoretical aspects, the students are able to experiment with innovative ideas and come up with exemplary inventions and outcomes.

A clear understanding is possible with vivid 3D examples. For example, a chemistry student is able to comprehend the structure of molecules so that they understand it well. For the engineering and design students, cheap 3D printer in Australia can help them by making a print out of the prototypes of their designs. In this manner, they are able to get a very clear idea of the flaws and fallacies which need to be worked upon.

In the field of arts and crafts, it adds a great value by enabling these students to become designers and use this cutting-edge technology for giving shape and form to their imagination. Similarly, those who are passionate about cookery and bakery can even design molds for the icing and gelatin.

Another important advantage of 3D printing in Melbourne in the field of education is for those students are negligent and reluctant towards learning. It can even have influence in generating interest among those students who are even drop out from studies.

Even while using a cheap 3D printer in Melbourne for the students in classrooms, the students get involved with the fast-growing online community of 3D print users. This also adds to their understanding of becoming a responsible digital citizen and getting better on their subject with enlightening discussions.

Whether your study focuses on the history of ancient societies or it is about any geographical region, 3D printer in Melbourne can get you equipped with hands-on experience to be able to learn and be clear on the lists, tools and their implementation.

The 3D printing concept has been in existence for more than three decades. But now with the availability of cheap 3D printer in Australia, it is much easier to make it accessible to our younger generation so that they are able to explore and experiment with their ideas and be confident in introducing them at a bigger level.

Each student has to grow up to face the challenges of the real world. It is like exposing our students to gain the same experience as our research scientists and engineers will gain whilst using a cheap 3D printer in Melbourne. This can even help them learn values such as empathy, cooperation and problem-solving.

It is for the high quality of education offered in Australia that a huge number of foreign students come for study each year. And 3D printing in Melbourne offers a lucrative business opportunity in the field of education. It’s time to foresee students bringing necessary solutions which can cause a difference to the society at large.

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