Understanding the Laser marking system

Today we can find different tools and techniques for marking on metal surfaces as well as joining of metal components. Out of all the techniques, old and new, laser marking techniques are becoming quite popular these days and are widely being used in almost every industry.

What is laser marking?

Laser marking is a technique that is used for engraving or marking identification signs on metals or hard surface. With laser marking you can easily mark on hard metals and carbides because in this technique laser beams are used to mark on surfaces. We all know that laser beams have the capabilities of penetrating into hard surfaces, hence, it becomes quite easier to engrave on metals. But, if you are in the business of metal laser marking, then you should understand that laser beams are not healthy for our body. Therefore, while working with the beams, one should take precautionary measures to avoid health risks. Nowadays, almost every manufacturing and engineering industry is using this technique to mark their brands on products. Continue reading “Understanding the Laser marking system”


Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry

3D printing has brought a revolutionary change in many industries. Healthcare is one of them that have got most of the benefits of this advanced technology. With the limitless possibilities, the technological innovations have proved the importance of 3D printing in the healthcare industry. It has been rapidly expanding for uncountable applications of healthcare. In current times, the latest printing technologies have taken a turn to support different industries with its modern printing applications. Cost-effective printing technology has captured the market and increased its use in a more efficient way. By providing the best solutions, the future of this industry in healthcare is wide and boundless.

Spending has increased on 3D Printing

In a survey, it has been found that spending on 3D printing has exponentially grown in last few years and will be continued in the present direction. In the current times, billions of dollars have been spent on the market for dental and medical materials and it will continue to rise in future. For organs printing and medical devices, the healthcare industry has brought advancement in the medical field as well to enhance the possibilities and invent new methods for complex surgeries and to bring more clarity with 3D printing technology. Continue reading “Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry”

3D Printer Filaments: Necessary Material for 3D Printing

Infinity 3D Printing is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers and filaments across Australia. We stock a range of 3D printers that are high quality, efficient and easy to use to suit your needs. The most advanced and highly complex printers are available for industry use. We offer the most versatile and flexible services in the market and caters to all the users.

Differentiate Metal, fiber and Barcode Laser Marking

If you into the business of manufacturing products or any other components then, you must be aware of how important it is to mark the products with a barcode, model number, or a logo. The marking makes it easy for to identify the different parts for repair or replacement in the future. There were many different ways that used to mark a part, with labels or printing in the past. However, in the present times, with the progression in the technology, there is much better, efficient and advanced machinery accessible to mark the products and components with the labels or barcode.


In recent years, the Laser marking technology is extensively used in printing field. The laser marking can be applied to numerous materials, for instance, metal, rubber, plastic, and silicon. In comparison to the traditional methods of engraving or marking the laser marking is considered the best. The laser marking marks is produced using the laser that is controlled by the computer system. The marks produced on the surface are highly readable and permanent.

In the present times, the laser marking is highly demanded and the majority of the companies are laser making their products for easy traceability, identification, adding marks, logos, and other information. There are different types of the marking technology that is extensively used by the different industries. Continue reading “Differentiate Metal, fiber and Barcode Laser Marking”

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