5 Things to consider when choosing 3D Printer Filaments?

3D printer is the talk of the town with its whole array of features. It is only with the onset of new technological innovations that the print industry has witnessed this new dimension – the 3D printing. 3D printing is an innovative, advanced printing technology and it produces or prints three-dimensional objects. This makes the look and feel of the print more exciting and engaging. This enhances quick learning and that is the reason that 3D printer is immensely popular in Australia, whether it is the packaging industry, automotive, aircrafts, healthcare or education.

To enjoy the benefits of 3D printing of high quality custom printing at affordable rates, you can opt for a cheap 3d printer in Australia which is readily available in the Australian market a wide variety. The use of 3D printing technology is no longer restricted to the product design and development but it has continuously been adapting to the other industries like metal casting, jewellery and dental.

With the wide scale acceptance of 3D printers in the various industries in the Australian market, there has been an increasing demand of 3D printer filament in Melbourne as well. But, did you know how critical it is to use the right 3D printer filament? Are you aware that choosing a bad 3D printer filament could damage your ‘productive printer’? Here are 5 important things that you should keep in mind when choosing the 3D printer filaments. Continue reading “5 Things to consider when choosing 3D Printer Filaments?”

Mankati and Doogell 3D printers – why they stand apart?

There’s a lot of noise around cheap 3D printers in Australia and the local market and obviously there’re a lot of players claiming they offer the best services. Which partner do you choose? How do you decide which cheap 3D printer is the best in Melbourne? Well, it’s not that hard. If you’re on the lookout for the latest yet very cost-effective 3D printers, Infinity 3D printing in Melbourne is your right partner. At Infinity 3D printing, we offer the best-in-class range of 3D printing services in Melbourne that you can choose from and start combining 3D printing with your innovative ideas to grow your business.

Our range of 3D printers comprises the Mankati range and the Doogell range that are known for their effectiveness, bulk production, cost effectiveness and world-class standards of perfection. Continue reading “Mankati and Doogell 3D printers – why they stand apart?”