Popular material leaving their mark in the world of filaments

3D printers are creating a lot of buzzes these days because of its versatility and amazing uses it is benefiting different industries and sectors. And along with these, their filaments are gathering loads of attention as well. This is because of a simple reason that various different materials could be conveniently used as 3D printer filament in Melbourne.

Filaments-talk of the town

what is catching more attention these days is that these newly identified 3d printer filament in Melbourne is breaking through the stereotyped materials which till now were being used as standard filaments.  Most popular and increasingly used materials in 3D printer filament in Australia are Metal, wood, glow in dark, colour changing and Magnetic.

Character & uses of new aged materials

these new set of materials of 3d printer filament in and around Australia are bringing in their distinctive unique characteristics which are both magical and fun at same time. Here are some of the characteristics and usages of these materials listed below:

  • Metal: Copper, bronze and brass are some of the metal types that are being used as filament material. They are mixed with standard material, however, are added in higher proportion to bring out its character. Metal must be used when the prints expected to shine brightly. Furthermore, the output can be polished to make even brighter or to simply protect it from external factors. Various tools, tokens, grates etc. can be made using it.
  • Wood: Like metal, wood too is available in different variety, pine, ebony, bamboo, willow is just to name a few. Any model created using wood looks both rich and elegant. Items like awards, shields, bowls, statues and figures can be beautifully made using a wood filament.
  • Glow in dark: This type of filament material is winning hearts all over. And why not, after all, they are bringing in a distinctive glow in dark feature to the product made using it. And surprisingly unlike many glow in dark components, they have more colours than just a standard green. Some of the colours they are available in are pink, red, orange, yellow and blue. Scary Halloween masks, decorations and toys can be easily created using this type of filament material.
  • Colour changing: Child will certainly fall in love with this kind of material which changes colour. The amount of fun and magic it can bring is unimaginable. They usually change from one colour to another, for example, yellow changes to green, purple changes to pink or blue changes to green, the list of colours that can be experimented with are endless. Fun costumes, mobile phone covers, storage boxes or containers and toys are some of the items that can be created using it.
  • Magnetic: Not only kids but adults too love to play with magnet and metal and have fun. These magnet filaments are also known as ferromagnetic. The most shocking fact about it is that it does gets attracted to the magnetic field, however, does not have one. Fridge magnets, toys, jewellery can be products that can be created.



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