Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry

3D printing has brought a revolutionary change in many industries. Healthcare is one of them that have got most of the benefits of this advanced technology. With the limitless possibilities, the technological innovations have proved the importance of 3D printing in the healthcare industry. It has been rapidly expanding for uncountable applications of healthcare. In current times, the latest printing technologies have taken a turn to support different industries with its modern printing applications. Cost-effective printing technology has captured the market and increased its use in a more efficient way. By providing the best solutions, the future of this industry in healthcare is wide and boundless.

Spending has increased on 3D Printing

In a survey, it has been found that spending on 3D printing has exponentially grown in last few years and will be continued in the present direction. In the current times, billions of dollars have been spent on the market for dental and medical materials and it will continue to rise in future. For organs printing and medical devices, the healthcare industry has brought advancement in the medical field as well to enhance the possibilities and invent new methods for complex surgeries and to bring more clarity with 3D printing technology.

Laser Marking

For a convenient marking process, this technology is new to various industries including healthcare. For a professional laser marking, this is a powerful 3D printing technique and widely used on plastic, acrylics, and metal materials. For a permanent printing, it is an effective printing product for unlimited lifespan. Being sustainable against water and temperature, it can resist in weather conditions. For a splendid and revealing print, laser marking is fabulous 3D printing technique for the healthcare industry. It is important to have clear prints to avoid any unusual medical complications. Fibre lasers can create a clean print without any signs of tardiness.

Laser Engraving

Engraving on medical equipment is becoming popular day by day. with an advancement in 3D printing services, Engraving is a fast and exceptional technology of printing. For more improved prints, this technology has been used on diverse materials. As far as healthcare is concerned, the need of laser engraving has been continuously rising due to its cost-effectiveness and accuracy. with the help of fibre lasers, the engraving can be done with quality and efficiency. It can be done on metallic and non-metallic materials, plastics, oxides and many others. Engraving on medical devices is highly important and mandatory.

3D Bio Printing

This technology has opened new possibilities in the printing industry. It has been used for printing inorganic materials with an advanced printing technique. In future, the printing industry will take an active part in 3D printing to give a more realistic look of the organs like kidneys, hearts and livers using biocompatible and biological materials. This printing technique has emerged unexpectedly in the potential national and international markets. Leaving the traditional printing behind, the current printing technology can create real items with quality materials and inks that can print with more visibility and accuracy.

Other 3D printing technologies for healthcare

The 3D printing has been used to plan surgeries by using anatomical models based on MRI and CT scan. It has been used for developing custom prosthetics and orthopaedic implants. For medical training, cadavers are widely used to educate the medical students about the organs and their functionalities. Apart from this, 3D printing has been applied on multiple materials to mix them for making a single object. Today’s printers are highly concentrated to provide low-cost services for high-end printing. Laser melting is also a technology used to melt the powder at high temperatures



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