Differentiate Metal, fiber and Barcode Laser Marking

If you into the business of manufacturing products or any other components then, you must be aware of how important it is to mark the products with a barcode, model number, or a logo. The marking makes it easy for to identify the different parts for repair or replacement in the future. There were many different ways that used to mark a part, with labels or printing in the past. However, in the present times, with the progression in the technology, there is much better, efficient and advanced machinery accessible to mark the products and components with the labels or barcode.


In recent years, the Laser marking technology is extensively used in printing field. The laser marking can be applied to numerous materials, for instance, metal, rubber, plastic, and silicon. In comparison to the traditional methods of engraving or marking the laser marking is considered the best. The laser marking marks is produced using the laser that is controlled by the computer system. The marks produced on the surface are highly readable and permanent.

In the present times, the laser marking is highly demanded and the majority of the companies are laser making their products for easy traceability, identification, adding marks, logos, and other information. There are different types of the marking technology that is extensively used by the different industries.

Laser Marking Technology

The laser Marking Technology is used to produce the logos, bar codes, part numbers, and characters. The Laser marking does not involve any physical tool engraving the surface, nor does it transmit ink or any other substance on the surface. Instead, a laser light is focused on a material, which produces a contrasting mark based on the settings used. The laser marking systems can perform better than a printer by offering notable markings and permanent results. The laser marking offer high engraving precision, ensures high processing efficiency and the combination of the computer technology with laser offer fast and customized solutions that is the major advantage over the traditional procedures.

Fiber Laser Marking

Fiber Laser Marking features the latest laser marking technology.  With the use of this high-end marking technology, it has become easy to achieve better results. The hassle-free marking process allows executing the exhaustive range of the functions, for instance, colouration marking carbon migration, annealing, foam marking, etc., that allows performing the barcode laser marking and metal laser marking efficiently in a swift manner. The fiber laser marking requires less maintenance and requires no alignment. There is dependable marking system and are environmentally friendly. The fiber laser marking is an excellent choice as it very cost-effective and offers durable results.

The fiber laser marking is derived from the simple laser machine offering more benefits and quality results with the advanced features.

Over the past few years, Infinity 3D Printing is offering its clients with the best and advanced marking technologies that help to enhance their productivity and profitability. The company understands that their customers have plethora choice in this competitive market. Therefore, the company always endeavor to provide its customers high-end and bespoke solutions. The company has a talented team of professionals who offer the customers their assistance in selecting the right and affordable laser or fiber marking machine so that their needs can be fulfilled in an absolute manner. The Infinity 3D Printing offers the impeccable service and offers the range of its products at a competitive price. To learn more about the company and its comprehensive products visit the web page.



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